Exploring Special Programs and Initiatives at Architecture Institutes in Franklin, TN

Are you looking for special programs or initiatives offered at architecture institutes in Franklin, TN? O'More College of Design offers a range of interdisciplinary programs that integrate professional education with the liberal arts. The African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS) program examines the experiences and contributions of blacks in Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean region, and Europe. Students can pursue a second specialization in a related field or study abroad at the University of Cape Town. The American Studies program examines the history and culture of the United States from international, cross-cultural, and comparative perspectives.

Students combine coursework with field research, city walks, and service learning; and each graduating class completes a group capstone project. Popular career paths include law, government, consulting, and journalism. Anthropology provides a broad understanding of human nature, cultural diversity, social power, and cultural dynamics over time. Students have abundant opportunities to do immersive fieldwork, conduct original research, study abroad, and collaborate closely with faculty.

Graduates are usually engaged in medicine, law, community development, or business. The Architecture specialization covers the history and theory of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and related topics. With qualified courses available at three schools, students can customize the specialty to fit their academic and professional goals. This is an ideal course of study for aspiring architects or for students planning careers in civil engineering, public health, demography, GIS, and more. The Art program provides comprehensive training in traditional and new media disciplines.

Students have access to first-rate studio and gallery facilities; and mentoring by renowned visiting professors and artists. The program provides funding opportunities for graduate projects, studies in New York and London; and numerous internships. Alumni work in the film industry, graphic design, museums; and more. The Asian Studies specialization explores the Asian diaspora and perspectives. Students will be exposed to courses in politics, religion, science and technology; sociology, history, art; literature; and many other areas; and will study an Asian language to gain additional perspective. The Biomedical Engineering specialization covers the pillars of medical technology and therapeutics.

Students focus on biochemistry or chemical biology; and all participants complete at least one semester of research at Vanderbilt's world-class laboratories. This course of study meets most or all of the requirements of the pre-medical curriculum; and is an excellent preparation for careers in health care; research; and related industries. The Biological Sciences major provides a broad education in topics ranging from ecosystems to molecular structure. The program is very flexible; and includes extensive research experience. This specialization is ideal for students planning careers or graduate studies in biology; biotechnology; or medicine. The Business program includes courses from all over Vanderbilt; with the core curriculum taught by the Owen Graduate School of Management.

Students learn the fundamentals of general business disciplines; with the option of focusing on one of seven tracks such as entrepreneurship; finance and accounting; or strategy. The Cinema & Media Arts (CMA) specialty emphasizes film as a modern aesthetic form and a practical cultural practice. The interdisciplinary curriculum combines film training with the study of media theory; world film history; writing; public speaking; media production; research projects; studies in New York & London; internships; law; academia; film & entertainment industries. The Classics & Mediterranean Studies specialty studies ancient Greece & Rome; the spread of major religions; & the Mediterranean world before & early in early modernity. Students specialize in classical & Near Eastern languages & cultures; Mediterranean archeology; or Mediterranean studies. The program strongly encourages research abroad & students typically pursue careers in medicine; law or academia. The Climate Studies specialty integrates the natural sciences; social sciences & humanities to provide students with a comprehensive perspective on climate change & its challenges & potential solutions.

Students explore careers in law; consulting; business; medicine; urban planning; green finance & more. The Science & Technology Communication program prepares students to serve as a bridge between the laboratory & the public. Participants study writing; public speaking & media production & can choose a broad-based or deep-immersion science track. With many labs & institutes on campus it's easy to get hands-on experience. Popular alumni careers include law; public policy; technical writing & public relations. Communication studies analyze public discourse with an emphasis on media persuasion in civil society & social promotion.

The department houses Vanderbilt's nationally competitive debate team & provides opportunities to conduct undergraduate research academic awards study abroad & internships. Alumni typically pursue careers in law business marketing media & government. Environmental & Earth Science students gain a broad understanding of Earth processes before specializing in solid Earth Earth's surface or environmental science. More than half do research with teachers with the opportunity to carry out fieldwork on seven continents. Popular career paths include energy industry conservation land use planning & law.

The Ecology specialization focuses on the relationship between organisms & their environments including extensive opportunities for directed or independent research under supervision of renowned science teachers. This specialization is ideal for students planning careers or graduate studies in genomics evolutionary biology ecology conservation & related fields. The Economics specialty provides a solid foundation in both micro & macroeconomics & econometrics giving students freedom to create specialized courses of study by incorporating courses from other departments or studying abroad. Graduates typically complete an MBA after several years of work in fields such as banking manufacturing consulting or startups.

English offers an increasingly diverse landscape of Anglophone literature combined with specializations in literary studies creative writing or specialized critical studies. Students have opportunity to manage campus publications & interact with award-winning writers. Alumni typically pursue careers in law business journalism publishing academia or creative writing. The Environmental Sociology specialty studies modern societies & environment at a global scale providing students with skills to analyze environmental problems from social scientific perspective including opportunities for directed research internships fieldwork study abroad etc.

Alumni typically pursue careers in environmental policy advocacy consulting business etc. Are you looking for special programs or initiatives offered by architecture institutes located in Franklin TN? O'More College of Design offers an array of interdisciplinary programs that combine professional education with liberal arts disciplines such as African Diaspora Studies (AADS), American Studies, Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Asian Studies, Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences Business Cinema Media Arts (CMA), Classics Mediterranean Studies Climate Studies Science Technology Communication Communication Studies Ecology Economics English Environmental Sociology - all designed to help students reach their academic goals.