Networking Opportunities for Students at Architecture Institutes in Franklin, TN

As a business professional, networking is an essential part of building relationships and growing your business. Whether you attend a networking event or use the Tennessee Educational Employment Board to apply for jobs available in Tennessee schools, there are plenty of opportunities to network and make connections. The Accounting program provides students with a solid foundation in general business content and a specialized focus on financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, and auditing. This prepares graduates to accept an entry-level position in accounting or to attend graduate school.

The Associate of Arts in Business program educates students from diverse backgrounds in the fundamental skills, knowledge, and practice of business in general. This prepares them for entry-level administrative positions, the pursuit of business career opportunities, or continuing education to obtain a degree in business or related disciplines. The program also allows you to help large numbers of people making decisions that affect the entire organization. This includes selecting safer and more advanced medical equipment, improving patient care, influencing health policies, financial management, business development, and information technology and artificial intelligence.

You'll learn how to present your ideas effectively and how to develop business and marketing plans. You will study business policy, international business, logistics and manufacturing to prepare you to manage people, processes and information. The marketing program provides students with a solid foundation in general business content and a specialized focus on business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing content through experiential learning. This prepares students to make significant contributions to their business careers.

Within the course, students will engage in creative thinking, critical thinking, and participation in real-world case studies. Graduates of the marketing program will be highly capable of achieving their professional goals and meeting the needs and desires of employers, customers, and society. The Associates of Arts in Education program is designed for students interested in becoming elementary school teachers. It prepares them for application for the Tennessee Elementary Education Teaching License (K-).

Through authentic field experiences and the development of fundamental academic skills and general pedagogical knowledge, this program helps students transition to applying for teacher preparation in various licensing programs. The Child Growth and Learning program prepares you for application for the Tennessee Elementary Education Teaching License (K-). It helps you connect your passion for education with a meaningful career. You'll receive all the benefits of a higher liberal arts education while you learn theories and practices in psychology, education, and other disciplinary content areas to ensure you excel in your teaching career.

The program is also designed for licensed teachers seeking to acquire advanced skills. Through a master's degree from the University of California you can grow professionally and earn up to 44% more per year. The emphasis on elementary education is designed for individuals interested in becoming candidates for a Tennessee elementary education (K-) teaching license. The emphasis for English language learners is designed for those seeking an initial teaching license in Tennessee and interested in meeting the academic needs of all students at any grade level whose native language is not English.

The emphasis on physical education is designed to prepare you to meet the academic and developmental needs of all physical education students and the well-being of all preschool and twelfth grade students. The emphasis on secondary education is designed for individuals interested in becoming candidates for a Tennessee teaching license who are interested in teaching a specific subject area in grades covered by a 6-12 or 9-12 Tennessee teacher license. The emphasis on educational leadership is designed to prepare licensed and unlicensed candidates as K-12 school leaders. The emphasis on physical education and sports prepares licensed and unlicensed candidates with advanced knowledge in physical education and sports.

The reading specialist emphasis prepares licensed and unlicensed candidates the opportunity to meet the requirements of the Tennessee Department of Education for additional K-12 reading specialist support. The educational leadership concentration (license) is designed to prepare candidates seeking to become licensed as beginning administrators under the Tennessee Learning Centered Leadership Policy. The educational leadership concentration (unlicensed) is designed around a curriculum that focuses on preparing instructors and teacher leadership positions. The course concentration will use best practices for math and language literacy interventions to help current teachers incorporate evidence-based practices into the 21st century classroom. In addition, emphasis will be placed on understanding student and teacher evaluation data as it relates to planning interventions for student improvement. The courses focus on the power of reflective practice, the development of leadership skills, problem-based training models, and strategies for building a strong professional learning community.

The program is also open to any licensed teacher interested in further professional development in a set of skills necessary for professional advancement. All candidates must have a current teacher's license. Through the development of pedagogical knowledge, personal provisions, practical applications, and professional teaching, the Physical Education and Athletic Training program promotes excellence in kinesiology and sports studies. Students in this program must be admitted to the Steps Through Educator Preparation Program (STEPP) to be considered candidates for licensure.